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…a long beard, that is. Let’s get into it!

Inspired by what you see around you or influenced by what society has come to characterize as “clean”, you may tend more towards rockin’ a short beard. Keeping it well trimmed, you think to yourself: “I don’t need beard products, face wash and water works just fine”. I understand, I’ve been there.

I grew up in a family of bearded men. Though he always keeps it neat, I’ve never seen my dad without a beard! Growing up, I was so anxious to be able to grow a beard to be like my big brother. Despite what friends and family could provide as guidance, nobody ever mentioned beard care products to me. Whatever your style: short, medium or long beard, ROCK ON! However, you might want to not only consider keeping it well trimmed, but also well GROOMED, and HEALTHY, for the ultimate LOOK and STYLE! That said, different products will come in handy in different situations.


I remember my twenty-year-old nephew mentioning that he got beard oil in one of those monthly style boxes. I really didn’t think twice about it. What I didn’t understand, is that beard oil firstly nourishes the skin under your beard and traps in moisture inside your beard hairs, contributing to keeping it feeling nice! It was only when I decided to grow out my beard to a longer state that I started using beard oil. As you grow it out, the sebum oil that your skin produces naturally is insufficient to nourish all your beard. Beard oil prevents it from drying out, limiting irritation, and keeps your beard looking great!

Now, if I were to go back to the short-beard look, would I keep using beard oil? Without a doubt! I would use less, but I would certainly crave that smooth feeling of a well-nourished beard.

BEARD BALM, mainly used for styling medium and long beards

Beard balm is most often made up of the same ingredients as beard oil, but with one added bonus: bees wax. This wax is useful in taming your hairs when you get to a bushier stage of your beard journey. I tend to use beard balm, or beard wax, on the surface of my beard, when I use heat to straighten and style it, to keep my look in place!

Although beard balm does nourish your beard, it does not, and should not, replace beard oil. If I was rockin’ a short beard, I would probably not use any beard balm. But whenever one grows out their beard a bit longer, beard balm is there for those awkward phases, helping to keep those flyaway hairs in check.

BEARD BUTTER, for extra nourishment and comfort

With fatty acid rich ingredients such as shea butter or coco butter, beard butter is a game changer. I discovered its benefits when using it in the evening or right before bed. All that extra nourishment prevents your beard from drying out during the night. When you wake up, your beard feels soft, instead of brittle and dry. Quite the comfortable feeling!

Most likely to make a true difference for medium to long beards, beard butter can be used for any length beard, especially if your beard and skin tend to dry out quickly. Just try it and you’ll see!

BEARD WASH, what true cleanliness is

“Cut that beard, it’s not clean”, how many times have we heard that absurd statement? Even my own mother once told it to me. I did explain to her that I do wash my beard everyday! She’s come around since. I used to use just ordinary face wash, but if I had to go back to the short beard, I would surely continue to use a proper beard wash.

I don’t really know what it is. Something about that solution, specifically formulated for beards, that leaves it feeling cleaner than when using other options. However, not all beard washes are created equal, some are more stripping than others. You must live those EXPERIENCES to know what type works best for your beard!


So, are beard care products only for long beards? Absolutely NOT! Whether yours is short, medium or long, you will undeniably reap the benefits of using grooming products that are specifically made for beards. It is the difference between having a beard and keeping a well maintained one.


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