When is a good time to clean your beard grooming tools? @GUITBARBU Explains...

  • By - Vin S
  • 27 October, 2021

Written By: @guitbarbu YouTube: Click Here

Ever wondered when the right time to clean your grooming products is? Our community blogger @guitbarbu explains why. (Be sure to give him a follow on IG and subscribe to his YouTube Channel below).


In a nutshell, if you're asking yourself this question, now is probably the time!

First off, if you have not yet come to the realization that you need grooming tools specifically designed for your beard, let’s shed light on the reasons why you should.

The first, and essential, tool is a beard comb.

Whatever material it is made of, be it wood, cellulose acetate or carbon fibre, your beard comb(s) must be saw cut. Ordinary plastic combs are usually molded, or machine pressed. This leaves for nudges in the teeth that lead to snags and tugs on your beard. This will often be the source of beard hair ripping out of your face, ouch! So do your beard a favour and treat yourself to a good beard comb!

The second beard grooming tool that can help you on your journey is a boar bristle brush.

For medium to long beards, these work wonders for style setting pesky beard hairs in place. Dozens of other types of brushes can also be used on your beard.

Be it combs or brushed, find tools that work for you and that give your beard the glory it was made for!


That being said, we can agree that, sooner or later, comes a time when you’re going to need to clean your beard grooming tools -  as a basic rule of good hygiene and living a healthy bearded life.

A good indicator of when it is time to conduct such an operation is smell. WHY? Apart from the nourishment and hydration functions, the perfumery aspect of using beard oil definitely brings benefits to your wellbeing and style. Scent profiles (woodsy, citrusy, earthy, etc.) that you enjoy can reflect your mood and help define your day. However, the accumulation of essential and fragrance oils on your beard grooming tools eventually leaves for a mixture of smells from which you will want to establish a clean slate.

Also, if you use beard balm, or any other product that contain bees’ wax or other types of waxes, you will need to clean your tools more often. Wax sticks to combs’ teeth and brushes’ hairs. In essence, your beard grooming tools need to be washed, from the fact that they are exposed to the elements of a beardsman’s life.

Now, HOW do I wash my beard grooming tools, you may ask?

My recommendation is to simply use a good Beard Wash, that is as stripping as possible, to get all of the wax and other impurities out of your tools and into the drain. Use a dedicated toothbrush to get inside your comb’s teeth. For brushes, simply dip the bristles in a lathered water solution, rubbing them gently as to not damage the ends that are glued to the handle.

Starting fresh with cleaned beard grooming tools makes a difference in your routine. Trust me, the result is very satisfying. As in life in general, a fresh start is always inspiring and motivating!


And lastly, we get to WHEN you should clean your beard grooming tools.
I would say as often as you feel the need to. If a wonky smell is hindering your disposition, or if the cumulated wax is grossing you out, it might be overdue… As a rule of thumb, I try to do it at least once a month, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Taking care of your beard is taking care of yourself. So, take care, and take care of your beard grooming tools as well, as they, and their cleanliness, contribute to you being you!



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