• By - Vin S
  • 16 July, 2021

Written By: @face_sprout YouTube: Click Here


You’re gonna get “flyaways” it’s part of growing a beard, it’s part of growing any hair really but obviously on your face…..they’re going to annoy you more and be more noticeable. 

How do you combat those pesky, stray whiskers then? I hear you ask…


Tip 1 - leave them, LEEAAAVVEEE THEM!!

I want you to give yourself 48hrs with those non-conforming suckers and see if they behave after a couple days of washing and grooming as part of your daily ritual. Don’t just go in like an axe murderer and start hacking off the heads if it’s not necessary. This can lead to patchiness and an over zealous trimming hand taking off more than just the odd pesky hair!


Tip 2 - know your face.

What I mean by that is, I know I have a certain straight, dark hair that shoots straight out through my moustache because every year I grow a beard, he appears! So I know I can safely trim him when he gets too big for his boots, this hair never settles down or lies with the others and is a prime example of a flyaway. Your face over time will start to reveal certain hairs or a singular hair that behaves independently and that’s when you know you can keep that hair trimmed and disguised in amongst her rest of your beard. Everyone’s different, so you need to ascertain what are actual persist flyaways and what are just unruly hairs in need of some TLC for the day to get them back to lying properly. 


Tip 3 - moustache wax.

The wondrous styling wax that’s thicker than an Alabama accent! This is ideal product usage for taming those wiry whiskers in general. I’d it can hold a stache like a set of steer horns then it can help to flatten or move any flyaways in the direction you require and a handy bit of kit to keep in your arsenal. I particularly recommend this method opposed to snipping and clipping bits of beard away. 


Tip 4 - the restyle.

What I mean by this and it is kind of a last resort, is to shake things up on your face. Now, this is extreme measures for extreme cases. If you just have a bunch of hairs going here, there and every which where and you’re unfortunate enough to have crappy genetics in that sense then you have to take the necessary steps and go with an overall style that #1 suits your face and #2 enables you to keep the bulk of the beard. Whether that’s close shaves around the mutton chop area with a huge goatee or to simply rock some massive mutton chops and do away with any chin growth. Maybe take the stache right down but have everything else looking like a grizzly bear, you can clip and prune and tease and style how you want or need. Push the limits of quirky beard styles and embrace what you can do with a bad hand in the gene pool. 



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    Jul 22, 2021 at 16:37

    Flyaways are always hard to deal with….thanks for sharing

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