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That's it, you've grown a BEARD to achieve the look you like, COOL! And now you've learned that taking care of your BEARD is part of taking care of yourself, CHECK!

If you've reached a certain length and your beard has begun crashing into the center in an undesirable way, DO NOT contemplate reach for the razor to cut it down… HOLD GOOD AND KEEP READING BELOW! Solutions are at your fingertips.


Origin of the phenomenon...


The forked beard style would have been popular in France in another era, hence the name associated with it. If you are looking to rekindle fashion, go for it! Rock that French Fork with all that you got! In fact, the crotch look is rooted in the natural growth of your beard hairs, some growing faster than others, as well as the shape of your face and the movement of your jaw. Exposure to the elements, especially the wind, cuts your beard even more right in the middle, urghh! For that, a beard shield, like the MANE GUARD, needs to be considered!

Camo Grey Mane Guard By

Tip # 1: Use Products That Meet Your Needs


Based on my BEARD EXPERIENCES, some products tend to dry out my beard faster than others. Drying is not only your worst enemy when it comes to comfort, it can definitely help your style crank up. Most important, of course: beard oil! But which? Using the one that gives you the nourishment you need to avoid drying out (and itching) throughout the day, depending on your skin type and the qualities of your hair, can definitely help reduce the chances of ending up with a French Fork under your chin. To find the right products, simply click here to build your own beard oil using The World's First Custom Beard Oil Platform. You will be able to build a blend based on your beard goals.


Tip # 2: Vary the trajectories of your comb


Like any self-respecting bearded man, after nourishing your beard, you like to style it to your liking, that's normal! However, by always combing down, your hairs tend to stiffen, which later makes it easier to separate into two sections towards the sides. In your routines, to distribute your products through your beard, try combing your mane in different directions: to the right, to the left, upwards ... getting rid of the hairs always going in the same direction adds volume to your beard and will allow you to avoid the crotch. However, we must adopt the practice in our daily habits in order for it to be effective ... RIGOR!


Tip # 3: Apply heat and wax for more control


Warmth and tension allow more orientation! With the blow dryer and a (beard) comb, it is possible to direct your hairs more towards the center to once again avoid the phenomenon of the French Fork. To keep everything in place, products containing beeswax (eg beard balm) are there for that! Again, make sure that the products used do not lead to severe drying out, you have to be consistent after all ...


Tip # 4: A small trim?


At a certain point, the end of your long beard will take on a slightly thinned look, and in such a situation, it will tend to fork, which is almost inevitable. To keep everything on point, removing a few centimeters is not too much! As with your hair, it will refresh your LOOK!


Tip # 5: Tie up your mane


Not to mention pearls or jewelry that you can put in your BEARD to tie it all towards the center to avoid the French Fork at all costs and adopt the Viking style, tying your BEARD with an elastic at night can help train your hairs not to split. Try it out and see how it works!




In the end, every effort counts to avoid the French Fork look. The solution lies in variety. Vary your products, vary your routines, vary your style! Take care of yourself, take care of your beard, until then, I wish you great EXPERIENCES!


  • author
    George S.
    Jun 11, 2021 at 13:08

    Cool, i was having this problem without even knowing it’s called that. thanks for sharing.

  • author
    Alan MacLean
    Jun 10, 2021 at 12:58

    Really REALLY enjoyed this article. Actually considering a French Fork style with another 4-5 months of growth as I’ve never thought about it before, so thanks for the inspiration my brother 👍

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